welcome to sumner

Sumner is a seaside suburb about 10 kilometres from the city centre of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Most residents would probably agree that Sumner includes all homes to the east of Peacock’s Gallop, or “Shag Pile” –  the rock formation which used to be known as Shag Rock before it was destroyed in the February 2011 earthquake. For Statistics New Zealand, however, Sumner starts on the eastern side of Richmond Hill Road, and their most recent population count, at the 2006 census , was just under 4000 people.

Residents of Sumner have a great sense of community feel about it and locals were welcoming to new residents. The village has beauty, charm and character making it a popular destination. A wide range of facilities can be found within the community.
Set inside a dormant volcano, it provides a unique geography that enhances a peaceful diverse atmosphere provided by the rural setting at the back, and the patchy surfing beach at the front. It provides a unique opportunity on the edge of a busy city to be able to lie in bed hear the sea crashing on the rocks and the sheep jabbering on the hills complemented by the bellbirds and others singing a dawn chorus.

Its own microclimate and geography enables more diverse horticulture and a broad variety of recreational activities. There are a range of walking and biking tracks in the bush and on the beach that are natural habitat to many wildlife and plants. There are ample opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains with the city in the same view.
It is a great safe place for children who frequent the popular swimming beach and pool, and play along the iconic landmarks. It is well served by public transport providing opportunities for tourists and a connection to the city. For some being able to park your car on a Friday and not use it until Monday morning was a drawcard, as most facilities are within walking distance.

Kia Kaha be strong